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Get to know your HYLA EST

The HYLA EST Separator Technology

The HYLA EST distinguishes itself by its unique and globally Separator Technology. This ingenious technological solution is inspired by a fascinating natural phenomenon – the geyser – and is the essence of the HYLA EST filtration system. As the air and dust enter the HYLA System, the separator creates an upward stream of water. The geyser effect assures optimized filtration that thoroughly washes the air and returns it clean into your home. In the production of the HYLA System only high-quality materials are used. Our manufacturing methods (ISO 9001 certified) guarantee a long lifespan and the reliability of our product. HYLA complies with all globally recognized standards, including SIQ, SEV, UL, CSA, KC, CCC, EAC and ENEC. HYLA stands for quality and confidence.

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