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Comments from our customers


I use the HYLA Air and Room Cleaning System in my surgery as well as in my private rooms. The HYLA has proved itself especially in my surgery where a fast and primarily hygienic cleaning of the air and any surfaces is essential. By adding ethereal oils, the air is given a pleasant aroma - this is appreciated by my patients and employees. The HYLA contributes remarkably to a pleasant and most of all healthy atmosphere, i.e. noticeably better and cleaner air and much less dust. ... ... But also as a passionate equestrian I am enthusiastic about the HYLA – for many years I have been looking after my thoroughbred horses with the HYLA horse brush and HYLA horse comb. Their coat, mane and tail are shiny like never before and my horses even enjoy the HYLA cleaning. That is why I recommend the HYLA system to all of my patients as it definitely should be part of every health-minded household. Dr. med. Johannes Wagner

Fabienne´s state of health is excellent at the moment, and she has been without any infections for a long time. (Fabienne is a 14-year old girl who suffers from cystic fibrosis. Her mother places the HYLA into her room 4 to 5 times a day as this greatly relieves her breathing).

Dr. med. Sigrid Flade (author of the book "Allergien natürlich behandeln" - "Treat Allergies Naturally", GU-Verlag)

An even better method is the HYLA Natural Filter System which I can also recommend for vacuum cleaning. It can be used not only as a room cleaning system but also to eliminate mites from mattresses and bed sheets.

Since we have been using the Hyla Air and Room Cleaning System, our home has become substantially cleaner. We are very satisfied with the machine.

The tip to buy a Hyla was super! Since my mistress has been using the Hyla, she has got much more time for me. My master, who suffers from asthma and therefore never has been able to sleep well, is feeling very well now.

Every day, as we take note of the dirt in the water, we see how efficient the Hyla is. We are perfectly satisfied.